Web Community Structure and Network Analysis Workshop

Aim of the workshop

@Recently, communication technology on the Web is rapidly developing. For example, blogs and social networking services are examples of the growing trends on the Web. Also Web mining techniques bring various kinds of networks from the Web, e.g, Web community, researchers collaboration network, corporate relation network and so on. These technology provides reratively easily large network data in the society. On the other hand, there has been a vast amount of research on network analysis in sociology. In this workshop, we bring together the recent development of Web technology and knowledge accumulation of sociology, and discuss the potential collaboration to benefit both fields. We welcome various researchers related to computer science and sociology.


The Expanding SNS, the Shrinking World -- Network Structure of Social Networking Services -- (9:20-12:00, in Japanese)

This session focuses network data on social networking services in Japan. Mixi, which is the biggest social networking site in Japan, with more than one million people provides huge volume of social network data never seen before. Three presentations all talk about the analysis of the network data. Panel discussion will be made after the presentations.

New Society and Network Analysis (15:00-17:30, in English)

This session consists of five talks, that targets social network data in this new society. We welcome Professor Barry Wellman as a guest.

Call for papers

Submissions are invited on original research related to social network analysis and/or Web structure including blogs and social networking services. Papers must be no longer than 8 pages. Send a PDF file to the organizer.



Program Committees


Please mail me to y.matsuo@aist.go.jp if you have any inquiry.